A passionate team of Yoga teachers

A team of Certified and experienced Yoga teachers, a guarantee of quality

Our teachers at Himayoga are not only certified experts in yoga, but they are also passionate about yoga. They are eager to share their knowledge, their love and their enthusiasm for yoga, following Céline Miconnet’s philosophy, the Director of the Institute. In this perspective, the whole team is available to answer your questions, even individually.
Himayoga’s faculty is a team of yoga experts, highly qualified. Our teachers graduated from the most prestigious Yoga Institutes in France and in India.

Céline Miconnet – Founder of Himayoga

Celine Miconnet yoga

Céline Miconnet is a graduate from the Sorbonne University (Paris), where she studied English language and civilization, Russian and Eastern languages. She worked as a top executive before discovering Yoga in London in 1993. She received a first degree in Sivananda Yoga in India in 1997.
In the meanwhile, she also studied western psychology, relaxation techniques, and communication techniques such as:
- Conscious breathing and emotional decoding
- Traditional Indian Ayuverdic massage in Kerela in India, and in Paris
- She studied with Carmen Enguita male and female’s relationship to their own bodies, sexuality, self-esteem, life and rhythm cycles and self-empowerment techniques.
- Traditional Reiki healing: energetic technique of relaxation and personal development.
- Eriksonian hypnosis with Kevin Finel, director of the ARCHE (Academy of Research and Knowledge in Eriksonian Hypnosis)
- E.M.D.R. (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) with teachers expert in physical and emotional pain healing.

She also graduated as a Certified Iyengar Teacher at the Iyengar Center in Paris, a worldwide renowned professional school dedicated to the Iyengar Yoga style, directed by Corine and Faeq Biria, disciples of the founder B.K.S. Iyengar. It is a 4 years intensive training, with high level education in pedagogy, anatomy, and Indian philosophy.
Céline graduated from the Yoga Institute BKS Iyengar in Pune, India, the Memorial Ramayani Yoga Institute, worldwide renowned. Since 2003, she quit her managerial position at Reuters (press agency), and she dedicated herself to her passion for Yoga. She founded the Himayoga Institute, certified as a professional training center at the Work Department Affairs of the region Ile de France.

Christa Bricka

Christa Bricka

A generous and enthusiastic personality, a path full of experiences and a strong interest for all practices focusing on well-being: those are few assets that brought this world traveler to Yoga.
She first taught Yoga Sivananda in Corsica, and then she opened Yoga classes for kids in public and private schools in Montpellier. She met with Faeq Biria and she discovered Iyengar Yoga during a special workshop. Then, she dedicated herself to this Yoga style, and trained in France and India. A former athlete, she is also a Reiki healer and a masseuse. She taught Yoga in Martinique for 15 years in several schools. She is now established in Paris where she pursues her research in Yoga, and she joined the faculty at Himayoga.

Julie Portanguen

Julie Portanguen

Before teaching at Himayoga, Julie was our student! As a professional dancer and dance teacher, Julie started Yoga to relieve her body. After few readings, she became particularly interested in the Iyengar method and she is a strong believer in the benefits of the precision of this Yoga style. Julie was also particularly thrilled with Céline’s teaching.
Since she’s been practicing and teaching yoga, her approach to movement and dance has been significantly evolving. As a dance teacher, she started to become particularly focused and invested in creating a dance technique beneficial and accessible to all, children and adults. This new way to teach convinced her that yoga is excellent for children, and she now teaches Yoga for kids from 5 to 10 years old at Himayoga. With special massage techniques, she initiated her 6 months old son to yoga and she is convinced of the high benefits of yoga. She will enjoy sharing her passion with you! To discover Julie’s works, please click on this link:


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