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On the French radio Europe 1, a journalist presented a study from Harvard that proved that Yoga has a beneficial impact on the body to relieve stress: the amount of Gaba receptors, which diminishes with stress, increases considerably when Yoga is practiced on a regular basis. This doesn’t happen as much when practicing other sports (hiking for instance).
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Heard on Europe 1 morning program: a study from Harvard shows that Yoga has a beneficial impact on female sexuality: in a group of 40 women age 22 to 55 who practiced Yoga during a 3 months period, 3 women out of 4 noticed a clear improvement in their sexual life!

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For soldiers with obesity disorder, only one remedy: YOGA
(From TF1 News, the number 1 French TV channel, on July 17th, 2010, at 8.27 pm.)

Tony Horton a fitness guru praises the virtues of yoga to fight against young soldiers’ obesity issues in American Army.
“I know! It seems a bit strange to include Yoga in a military training”. Tony Horton admits the unusual aspect of his technique, while presenting his training method at a press conference in Washington DC. A fitness guru, 52 years old, Tony Horton is the personal trainer of celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen or Sean Connery. He has trained soldiers on American military bases such as Norfolk, Andrews or Fort Bragg. Most recently, he was commissioned by the American Army to develop a training program to reduce obesity in young recruits; a program based on Yoga postures. In the American Army, obesity doubled since 2003, according to a study from the Pentagon. This actually reflects a growing problem in our society in general. “Numbers are creating more and more concerns. The amount of obese people kept growing in 28 States in the USA this year. In more than 2/3 of the states, one adult out of 4 is obese. In 1991, none of the state was reaching such a peak”, remarks Tony Horton, who, referring to the statistics from the 90’s in the army, says: “ the obese population almost tripled between 1995 and 2008”. In 1998, the number of obese people in the army was 25 652 people, which is 1,6% of the total of young soldiers. In 2008, it was 68 786, which is 4,4 %. Tony Horton adds dramatically: “Fighting obesity is a matter of national security”. This trainer specialized in fitness became popular among members of the military interested in his concept of an “effective fitness program equipment-free, and with a minimal space requirement” which combines cardio training, abdominal work, push-ups and Yoga postures. “Yoga improves and multiplies the positive effects of strengthening exercises and cardio exercises. It’s like a lubricant that reduces potential injuries” declares trainer Tony Horton in front of an assembly of attentive guests, in full training gear, ready to perform his instructions.


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