Yoga, neck, the shoulders and the upper back

How to get rid of tensions in your neck, shoulders and upper back with Iyengar Yoga.

How Iyengar Yoga helps to soothe the neck, the shoulders and the upper back

Tensions in these places are often related to stress and/or bad posture at work. Physical tensions are also proportional to the intensity of intellectual activities. Here is how the vicious cycle of stress works: Physical pain contributes to burden the brain; the nervous system is under pressure and generates physical tensions.

To escape this catch-22, a regular practice is essential: In this workshop, we’ll explore postures which will help restore and keep neck, shoulders and upper back soft and relaxed.
It is a necessary condition to recoup a healthy nervous system.

  •     Schedules: sunday 12th of february 2012
  •     Teacher: Céline Miconnet
  •     Rates: 50€

Please contact us to be notified:
    - by phone: 01 45 26 97 14
    - by email:



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